SoftExpert Risk – Configuring and Operating the system [2.0]

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This course was developed to teach the users how to accomplish the management of risks, independent of the scope utilized.

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184 minutes

When completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the Risk Management Fundamentals;
  • Create and configure plans;
  • Accomplish the revision of plans;
  • Analyze risks and controls;
  • Monitor risks and controls;
  • View and generate reports containing information referent to the plans, risks, controls and analysis.

The course is destined for the users with permissions to manage the risks.

  1. Introduction
  2. File and Essential Configurations
    • File Risk
    • File Control
    • File Treatment
    • File Element
  3. Other Configurations
    • File Cause
    • File Consequence
    • File Risk Source
    • File Best Practices
    • File Objective
    • Decision Tree
    • File Measurement Unit
    • File Response to Risk
  4. Evaluation
    • Creating New Evaluation Criterion
    • Defining the Evaluation Method
  5. Risk Plans/ Controls
    • Defining Plan type
    • Creating Risk Plans / Controls
  6. Analysis and Risk Control
    • Identifying Elements and Risks
    • Accomplishing Application Control
    • Accomplishing Risk Evaluation
    • Accomplishing Control Evaluation
    • Accomplishing Risk Treatment
  7. Task Execution
  8. Monitoring Execution
  9. Views and Reports

To take maximum advantage of this course, the participants must have concluded the following courses:

  • SoftExpert Suite – Initiating with SoftExpert Excellence Suite;
  • SoftExpert Suite – Generic Resources
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Duration: 184 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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