SoftExpert Test – Configuring and Operating the System [2.0]

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Capacitate and help manager users responsible for the configurations and operations to be accomplished on the component SE Test, aiming to help in the parameterizations and improve the utilization of this component taking maximum advantage of it.

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60 minutes

When completing this course, the user will be able to:

  • Configure the component SE Test for the management and send tests to the respondents of SE Suite or external respondents of the system;
  • Manage, Track and Delete Tests from the system;
  • Operate the system with answers, critical analysis and other tasks generated to send tests to the involved users;
  • View Individual Evaluations of the tests, aiming to teach the user how to generate advanced visions and reports to facilitate the analysis of data obtained through the organization´s tests.

The course is destined for users with permissions to manage and operate Tests in the organization.

  1. Introduction and Scenario
  2. Configurations
    • Template
    • Degree of difficulty
    • Question group
    • Test type
  3. File
    • Question database
    • Test template
  4. Management
    • Planning
  5. My Tasks
  6. Other Management options
  7. Views and reports

To take maximum advantage of this course, the participants must have concluded the following courses:

  • SoftExpert Suite – Initiating with SoftExpert Excellence Suite;
  • SoftExpert Suite – Generic Resources.
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Duration: 60 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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