SoftExpert Workflow – Configuring and operating the system

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This course was developed to teach users how to automate their processes as a workflow and execute the activities going through the different steps.

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163 minutes

Upon completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand process automation concepts;
  • Start Workflows and configure formulas that will impact the execution;
  • Understand basic process requirements for Workflow automation;
  • Manage Workflows and Processes;
  • Execute and delegate tasks.

This course is destined to users that have permission to start, manage, execute and view process related instances.

  1. Introduction
  2. Process automation configuration
    • Automating the process as a Workflow
    • Associating Forms
    • Defining executor, associating attributes and configuring notifications
    • Integration options with SE Workflow
    • Defining actions and workflow requirements
  3. Process operations
    • Starting a workflow
    • Deleting workflows
    • Delegating tasks
    • Associating tasks to the user
    • Process execution management
    • Scheduling process start
  4. Reopening closed, cancelled or postponed processes
  5. Automatic activity execution
  6. Conditional Gateway Automation
    • Parallel gateway (AND)
    • Exclusive gateway(XOR)
    • Complex gateway
  7. Activity executor defined through formula
  8. Activity duration defined through formula
  9. Events
    • Message events
    • Timer events
  10. Views and Reports
    • View System auditing
    • Viewing Tasks
    • Viewing Workflows
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Duration: 163 minutes