SoftExpert Asset – Configurating and Operating the System [2.1]

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This course describes the configuration of the main elements necessary to configure and operate the SoftExpert Asset component.

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39 minutes

By completing this course, users will be able to:

  • Define the structures that will support the organization’s assets or those of third parties;
  • Register the organization’s assets in the system;
  • Define security controls for the assets;
  • Define the characteristics and details of the assets;
  • Execute asset management; events, downtime record and checks in and outs;
  • View assets and create portals with its widgets.

The course is destined to users with permissions to configure and execute Inspection related tasks in the organization. The course is also targeted to those responsible for inspections at the organization.

  1. Introduction
  2. Asset Type
    • Cost Variable and Activity Classification
  3. General Parameters
  4. Service Center
  5. Standart Activity
  6. Location
  7. Asset Defitinion
  8. Events and Downtime
  9. Verification plan
    • Verification Execution
  11. Portals

For the course objectives to be fully met, participants must have completed the following courses:

  • SoftExpert Suite – Initiating with SoftExpert Excellence Suite;
  • SoftExpert Suite – Generic Resources.
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Duration: 39 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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