SoftExpert Survey – Configuring and Operating the System [2.1]

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Clearly, good information management is crucial for organizations to work smoothly. And to improve information management, managers must know their customers, know their employees and know the market. This course was developed so users can learn how to create, configure, and publish surveys and tests speeding up decisions and assisting employees.

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23 minutes

After completing this course users will be able to learn how to create, configure and publish surveys and tests, aiming to enhance and take full advantage of the component.

All users with the right permissions to access and configure the Softexpert Survey component.

1. Introduction
1.1 SoftExpert Survey

2. Configuration
2.1 General Parameters
2.2 Template
2.3 Degree of difficulty
2.4 Question Group
2.5 Survey Type

3. File
3.1 Survey Template (Survey Mode)
3.2 Survey Template (Test Mode)

4. Management
4.1 Survey Planning

5. Execution
5.1 Survey Execution

To take maximum advantage of this course, the participants should have concluded the following courses:

  • SoftExpert Suite – Generic Resources 2.1.
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Duration: 23 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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