SoftExpert Suite – Usability [2.1]

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This course was develop thinking about the users who have just purchased the SoftExpert Solutions and are starting using the menus. In this course the users will be able to start personalizing and to organize the Suite the way it fits better their way of working.

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09 minutes

After completing this course the user will be able to:

Personalize the Home Page.

Create and configure Portals.

Start using the menu Component and its configurations.

Know how to search.

Find the saved searches.

Mark a register as favorite.

This course aims to atend the necessities of all users and administrators.

Thir course contains 7 lessons:

  1. Introduction

  2. Home Page

  3. Portals

  4. The Component Menu and its Configurations

  5. Searches

  6. Saved Searches

  7. Marking as Favorite

So that the goals of this course are reached the participants must have concluded the following course:

SoftExpert Suite – Getting started with SE Suite.

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Duration: 09 minutes
Video: 09 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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