For those who want to have unlimited access to our courses,
we have the Infinity Plan contract modality. With it, all registered users of
your company can start the courses whenever they want, with no restrictions, no deadlines, unlimited number of courses or chosen language!

A new way of learning constantly

Within this modality it is also possible to include users in the managers’ team,
so they can follow participants’ pace and overall performance. Waste no time and
empower your company in a complete way with our solutions!

All content
for you

Constant trainings are a decisive differential in companies. Keeping staff up to date and with complete domain over the tools is essential to be a
front runner and have competitive advantage.

With Infinity Plan, you’ll have access to all recorded trainings
of all components that help you better understand our solution, taking the most of it.

Our trainings show in real life how to use our tools. With them, employees waste no time questioning and trying to understand the processes.

Moreover, access is simultaneous, unlimited and with no deadline during all of the contracted period.

Employees from all areas of your company can participate: IT professionals, system administrators and managers.

Our trainings are constantly updated in real time through our portal. That way you’ll always be inside our courses in an agile and comfortable way.