SoftExpert HDM – How to configure a training with linked survey

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This course was developed so that the administrator user and users of the SoftExpert survey component can make the training carried out by employees be evaluated in a practical and agile way. 

Through this solution, inserting surveys in training can be done in a personalized way, according to the objective. 


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10 minutes


Upon completion of this course, the student,You will learn how to register a survey template and test type, as well as its degree of difficulty, which question group and how to register a question. Also, how to register a survey template, as a survey; how to create a training configuration with linked surveys in the evaluation and how to register a course with linked surveys. 

Target Audience

The course is intended for administrator users, and for users with the right to configure and register for surveys and training within the system. 


Configuring a training with linked survey


*The course will be available for access, review, and completion in 90 days from the time the access information is sent.

*At the end of the training you will receive a course completion Certificate.

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Duration: 10 minutes
Level: Avançado