SoftExpert Storeroom – Configuring and operating the system [2.0]

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This course was designed to teach users how to configure events and manage storerooms in the system going through all main menus and showing important features of the Storeroom module.

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52 minutes

Upon completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Enter data in the system regarding Storage facilities, Repositories and Storerooms;
  • Manage object events;
  • Execute tasks generated by the module;
  • View information using the module’s view screens.

This course is destined to manager users responsible for storage facilities and responsible for managing storerooms. It will guide users to the correct utilization of the module along with showing integrations available with other components of the suite such as waste and supply.

  1. Introduction
  2. File Storeroom
    • Other file options
  3. Events
    • Input event
    • Output event
    • Repository event
    • Transfers
    • Processing
  4. Balance adjustment
  5. Views and Reports

To take maximum advantage of this course, the participants must have concluded the following courses:

  • SoftExpert Suite – Initiating with SoftExpert Excellence Suite;
  • SoftExpert Suite – Generic Resources
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Duration: 52 minutes
Level: Iniciante

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