SoftExpert Project – Configuring the System

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Projects can be defined as a temporary effort to reach a goal. With projects, companies can improve their way of doing businesses, increase their profit and reach new markets. Projects can be defined as a temporary effort because they generally have a well-defined beginning and ending. This course was developed so users can learn how to configure the component project, this way managing and operating the projects in a better and easier way.

USD 30,00

42 minutes

After completing this course the user will be able to:

• Create, configure and manage projects using all the most important settings necessary in the component project.

All users with the right permissions to access and configure the SoftExpert Project component.

Thir course contains 12 lessons:

1. Introduction

2. Configuration
2.1 General Parameters

3. Register
3.1 Method and Control Matrix
3.2 View Profile
3.3 Priority
3.4 Priority by Criteria and Method
3.5 Portfolio Type
3.6 Project Type I
3.7 Project Type II
3.8 Form
3.9 Status Report Template
3.9 Objective and Status

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Duration: 42 minutes