Termination or Contractual Amendment Request

Do you that contract for that service your organization no longer uses, and despite requesting termination, the email got lost and the service continues to be paid for? Or that contractual amendment forgotten in the stack of legal approvals? Now, managing termination or contractual amendment requests has become much more practical and ensures they are met within reasonable deadlines. With our automated Termination or Contractual Amendment Request solution, it will be much easier to open requests and track them in real-time.

  • Automate workflows and processes, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and increasing the productivity of your entire team.
  • Track each stage of the request lifecycle, keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Centralize the opening and handling of requests on a single platform.
  • Improve response times and increase user satisfaction by setting and meeting deadlines for request handling.

Optimize your organization’s contractual change management and improve operational efficiency with our Termination or Contractual Amendment Request offer. Acquire now and revolutionize your approach to support, resolution, and management of requests.

  1. Items included in the Offer
    • 1 (one) process: RAE01 – Termination or Contractual Amendment Request – Flow and actions.
    • 1 (one) form: RAE01 – Termination or Contractual Amendment Request – Main form with tables and standard fields for data entry with intelligence (rules) for filling according to the process flow.
    • (one) portal for tracking: Contractual Amendment Management.
  1. Executed activities
    • Process implementation in the test environment;
    • Process implementation in the production environment;
    • Presentation and training of the process for up to 10 (ten) people;
    • Process configuration adjustments.
  2. Premises
    • Possession of licensing for SE Analytics, SE Form, SE Process, and SE Workflow components;
    • The environment to be used must have the same version of the SoftExpert repository when the offer is implemented.
    • High performance remote access (via VPN or similar);
    • Access to a license in the Manager profile is required for the consultant while carrying out the work;
    • Changes in parameterization, process, forms or stratifications (portal or views) that exceed the workload foreseen in the offer, must be budgeted later;
    • Only SoftExpert will be able to provide the service of alterations and assistance to this offer.
  3. Restrictions
    • The offer does not foresee integration with other systems, however, if necessary, they can be budgeted separately;
    • This offer does not provide for specific management reports, but these may be budgeted separately;
    • This offer is limited to 16 hours of remote consultancy for implementation, process usage training, and changes that do not exceed this total hour limit.
    • SoftExpert will not register or load massive data, such as, for example, user registration, area, function, functional role, lists of values etc. This ensures that SoftExpert is only responsible for creating the structure of the process, but not for registering the information, since at that moment it is not possible to identify the volume of data, which makes the budget impossible;
    • Regulated customers who contract the SoftExpert validation kit will not have this process in the kit. Therefore, to validate the processes of this offer, it will be mandatory to hire a specific validation kit.
  4. Specific Exclusions
    • Complete training of the components involved will not be provided;
    • No activity that is outside the scope provided for in item 2 – Performed Activities will be carried out.
  5. Additional Information
    • This offer will be executed remotely.

$ 1,175.00 (One thousand one hundred seventy-five dollars)

Annual SLA
$ 80.00 (Eighty dollars annually).


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